Biocell agri produces a powerful silage inoculant for all types of silage, designed to give you control of the fermentation process and reduce the risk of aerobic spoilage in both clamp and baled silage.

Inoculating silage is an important part of forage management, ensuring the best financial return whatever the conditions. As all experienced silage-makers know, sunshine at the critical time can influence the quality of fermentation, but it is no guarantee of good silage every time.

Here is a reminder of the factors affecting silage quality:
• Choose the right grass mixture for your requirements
• Time fertiliser and slurry application to target cutting date
• Cut at the correct date for the grass type for high D-value
• Cut in the afternoon for maximum sugar level
• Help re-growth by not cutting too low
• Minimise wilting time to reduce field losses
• Inoculate with Firstchoice to ensure maximum feeding value
• Fill the clamp and seal, or wrap, as quickly as possible
• Cover with tyres and exclude all air for a good fermentation

We strongly recommend the application of Firstchoice silage inoculant to ensure the maximum feeding value of your silage.

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